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Lowline Angus cattle are a wonderful addition to our farm and we know you will agree. Besides being docile and great with our kids, they perform extremely well on pasture and are easy calving. We are excited about the future of Lowlines and their position to provide grass-fed beef to consumers. In tough economic times, Lowlines have a great opportunity to help the beef industry. High input costs are inspiring farmers to explore new genetics and health safety concerns are driving consumers to a verified, trusted food source. We strive to breed high quality seed stock that will meet your needs.

Featured on Stockshow Confidential of RFDTV
"See you in the Winner's Circle NAILE", Episode 109
Fast forward to 13:20 for the lowline segment featuring our family.

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Dave Chitham, Barboursville, West Virginia
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Kim and Dave Goodman, Newville, Pennsylvania
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Margaret and Jeff Plumley, Hampshire, Illinois
Glen and Donna Kinsey, Elkton, Virginia