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Our herd consists of  Registered Angus Cattle. We work with all the calves born on our farm. They are socialized, brought into the barn, halter-broken and familiarized with the daily farm chores. This offers our customers an animal that will be easier to handle, breed, vaccinate and treat medically, load, or just scratch on.



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Premium Angus Cattle



American Aberdeen cattle are a wonderful addition to our farm and we know you will agree.  Besides being docile and great with our kids, they perform extremely well on pasture and are easy calving. We are excited about the future of Aberdeens (formally Lowlines) and their position to provide grass-fed beef to consumers. In tough economic times, Aberdeens have a great opportunity to help the beef industry. High input costs are inspiring farmers to explore new genetics and health safety concerns are driving consumers to a verified, trusted food source. We strive to breed high quality seed stock that will meet your needs.


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SINCE  2004


Premium Angus Cattle-Updated 7-30-19

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History and Advantages

All American Aberdeens descended from an original herd of 42 angus cattle carefully selected and imported into Austraila by the Trangie Research Center from 1930-1960s. The Trangie's foundation stock was gathered by importing champion registered angus cattle from Canada, the United States and Scotland. Trangie Research Centre in Australia successfully established a champion line of Angus cattle in Austraila and validated their success by winning numerous international shows.


In 1975, the Trangie staff shifted their focus to evaluate selection of growth rates on herd profitability within their champion Angus herd. They chose one herd for high yearling growth rates, one for low yearling growth rates and one random control group. This created “Highlines”, “Lowlines” and a Control line. After years of research, the Lowlines stabilized at 30% smaller than the Highlines. The animals were smaller, more efficient, high quality meat producers, and extremely docile. By no intent of the Trangie Research Centre, they had created a new breed of animals.


On October 30, 1993, the New South Wales Department of Agriculture conducted a complete herd dispersal sale. Some of the animals were brought to the United States and the American Aberdeen Breed was established. These animals have been bred for efficiency, prime beef quality and to maintain their Angus heritage. They offer farmers with limited pasture the option of raising high-quality, docile cattle.




  • Great for smaller acreage farms. Due to their smaller size, more cattle can be raised per acre of grass.
  • Not miniature cattle, no dwarf genes, look like Angus of the 50-60’s
  • 30% more ribeye area per 100# carcass weight
  • Aberdeens are great for younger kids to show due to their excellent disposition and smaller size
  • Very feed efficient and easy fleshing, performing great on grass only
  • Easy calving
  • All fullblood Aberdeens are DNA verified, so their registration and genetics are dependable
  • Average mature fullblood cows weigh between 650-950 pounds and stand from 36 to 42 inches at the shoulder. Mature fullblood bulls weigh between 950-1350 pounds and stand from 39-46 inches at the shoulder. Average birthweight of fullblood calves 42-52 pounds.


The Heart of our Herd



From the maternal heart of our herd, Glen Ellen put everything into one beautiful package.  Mass of body, yet very feminine, terrific udder and excellent disposition.  We have retained her daughters to build a herd of cows that look just like this one.  We lost her this year, but feel fortunate to have her genetics as our breeding platform.





One Classy Lady!  CRF Saratoga is an eye-catching, thick-middled, structurally correct cow.  She has produced some of our best breeding bulls.  She adds style, neck extension, yet does not lack overall thickness and maternal features.  Saratoga produced the 2010 Grand Champion NAILE Fullblood Female and 2011 Denver Grand Champion Fullblood female, CRF Willa.




COW POWER!  Sensation came from the West, and boy does she look like it!  Consistantly weiging 1100, hearty, great-uddered, muscular, big-boned, yet very materal.  Her YesYesYes genetics have helped us elevate the size of our herd, especially our bull calves.



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