Our farm is located just west of Cicero, Indiana where we have built our place from the ground up.  Our three children enjoy showing cattle, living in the county and playing basketball.   Cattle entered our lives slowly as a way raise our own beef, and has rapidly grown into a passion for us and a full-time job for me.

     Our love of cattle has brought us closer to the values of our heritage and the agricultural lifestyle that we want to share with our children.  Teaching hard work through all sorts of conditions, experiencing joy and loss, caring about the weather and feeling joy or disgust when mother nature doesn't cooperate are part of our daily life.  Farming brings a new sense of appreciation and accomplishment that is lost in most children today---early mornings, late nights, triumph, tears and great memories.

      Our goal is to raise sound, functional cattle.  While we started this journey with Aberdeens (Lowlines), we have added a significant number of Angus cattle to our herd (or affectionately the "BIGS.")  We breed for maternal qualities in our females and hope they will be great cows for you.  Everything sold on the farm is halter-broken and socialized.  We are also passionate about providing a reliable, safe source of beef for our community.  Our herd is kept free from hormones and antibiotics and rotationally grazed on grass.

      Along our journey in cattle, we've met the most amazing people from all over the county.  We all share the same love for sitting on the porch and watching cattle graze.  Please feel free to call us anytime with questions about our cattle.

I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied. - Deuteronomy 11:15